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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Smoked Chicken Leg Quarters~mmmmmmmmm

             So Brian got a Brinkman Smoker, the gas one, for Christmas... well we have been smoking everything we can get our hands on! I got Chicken Leg Quarters for 99 cents a lb... which is really cheap. Normally I won't pay more than that for chicken, since we buy our beef from a farmer for way cheaper than a grocery store, I try to get our other meat when it is marked down at the store then freeze it.
So far we have smoked ribs- literally awesome- we had to tell Max to come up for air during dinner, My mom bought salmon for Christmas and we smoked it ( my Step Daughter and her Boyfriend loved it so much they bought one for us to smoke for them to take home to D.C) I will take pics this time around to do a post on it. 
              And we have been doing the Chicken Leg Quarters.... which this post is all about!
Here is the recipe:
4 Chicken Leg Quarters
Marinade in 1 cup Olive Oil-2 TBSP Bells poultry seasoning, pepper,and salt
1 TBSP of Garlic Powder
You want to put the marinade mix in a large ziplock that will hold the chicken then add the chicken and marinade for at least 4 hours.
 Brian bought some sprayers and added olive oil and vinegar to it - and sprayed the chicken every hour with it to keep it moist.
He used Apple wood  and in the liquid pan put water and 1 Lager beer....
the target tem we had was 250 degrees and the target inside meat temp was 180 degrees.

Feel free to ask me questions and I can ask Brian the answers- since this is my first post on smoker recipes!
on that note - here are the pictures:
Spraying with the olive oil and vinegar mix to keep the chickens moist

My Adorable Hubby Brian

The wood Chips soaking in water

Spraying again

I wish I had smell-o-vision

The Happy flashlight holder Max

Almost done! See the liquid bubbling?

You can't see the temp but it is right!

Plated up and totally gorgeous!

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