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I am a lucky Woman, I have a Husband that loves me, a beautiful grown step-daughter, a 15 yr old son and a 8 yr old son. I try to create a home that is warm and will linger with memories of Mom's cooking and being home for my children. This isn't always possible, considering they rough house, I get tired and hit the Mcdonald's drive thru and sometimes buy clean socks for them instead of wash it.... I try to do a menu plan, hang our clothes out to dry, use coupons, go to Church every week.. and pretend I am a stay at home Mom while working 40 hours a week

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Shrimp on the barbie and grocery shopping with Pap!

             I went to the grocery store today, with my Father-in-Law... Pap.
Honestly I can not think of a more fun activity, since he reminds me so much of my Poppop. Pap doesn't drive anymore and when I took Max over to cut his grass today, he came out of the house and said, "Brian said you are headed to the grocery store?" I told him yes. He asked to go... well of course!
             My mother in law is not feeling well, so Pap was riding along with me to do the weeks shopping. I was going for Shrimp, and steaks to do on the grill... I know - an indulgence, but it was cheaper than going out to eat, and there are enough left overs for steak salad tomorrow!
             ... any way... a funny thing happened after I dropped Pap off.. Brian's whole family calls me Amanda. My Poppop always called me Mandy~ always. It makes me feel like a little kid- in a good way mind you.... anyway as I was getting ready to leave, Pap said " you want a diet pepsi for the ride home?" ( we literally live 4 miles away .. that is how much I adore this man, worried I will get thirsty in 4 miles) I told him no- I was good and he said, " Okay thanks, see you in a bit Mandy"... I got in the car and immediately teared up driving down the road. It was like having my Poppop here .. I adore my Father in Law, he is sweet, kind and caring and very fatherly.... but for a brief moment, I wished harder than I ever have since 7th grade that my Poppop had not had a stroke and was still alive, cause he would have loved Brian and Pap:)....
 Here is a pic of my Poppop

I don't have much of a good segway into my Shrimp recipe experiment ....
Soooo- on to the Shrimp.

I had no fresh cilantro- so I use my dried from my most favorite store in the world- Peight's in Belleville,Pa. I also used one of my newfound favorite spices- Goya Adobo 

Juice from 2 limes

A little olive oil

Four garlic cloves

anddddd- some lemon juice
Mixed it all up pretty looking huh?
Threw it in a ziplock and let it marinade for about an hour
Then on to the skewers it went...Brian grilled it and all in all - it was rather tasty!
We made the steaks and had a grand dinner I must say...

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  1. Isn't it nice when such simple things like grocery shopping can leave you with such fond memories? I'm happy Pap was able to spend the day with you :)

    BTW- The shrimp looks mouth watering!!