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I am a lucky Woman, I have a Husband that loves me, a beautiful grown step-daughter, a 15 yr old son and a 8 yr old son. I try to create a home that is warm and will linger with memories of Mom's cooking and being home for my children. This isn't always possible, considering they rough house, I get tired and hit the Mcdonald's drive thru and sometimes buy clean socks for them instead of wash it.... I try to do a menu plan, hang our clothes out to dry, use coupons, go to Church every week.. and pretend I am a stay at home Mom while working 40 hours a week

Friday, January 14, 2011

I needed that

            Did you ever have one of those days? The kind where at 5:30 all I wanted to do was put my head on the couch and close my eyes. That was yesterday, so I did… I had dishes in the sink, dinner to cook and I did not care.
            Then the dog went nuts, I thought ‘really? Barking at Brian coming in the door?’ Only it wasn’t Brian, it was a good friend of mine~ with a 12 yes TWELVE foot poster of Jason Stackhouse…from True Blood! I was blown away- I had wanted it from the Gap- they told me no- not thinking me telling them my version of ‘Recycling’ the poster would be hanging it in my bathroom. My friend made no promises, just that she’d attempt to contact someone she knew from the Gap company and now- here she was with my lovely poster…..
Dinner still wasn’t getting cooked, dishes were still in the sink, 2 loads of laundry were still hanging in the basement and I was on the floor cutting out Jason Stackhouse’s profile to fit on a wall in my downstairs bathroom- and I was happy lol-
I am a 15 yr old at heart, I have crushes that only 8th graders should have, Brian puts up with it.. Probably cause I put up with him watching that insanely ridiculous Victoria Secret Fashion Show each Christmas- like that is really a fashion show?

             When Brian got home, he looked stunned like, where is Dinner and what in the heck are you doing?
I answered; the boys want boxed Mac and Cheese- do you? If not- I can make you a Peanut Butter Sandwich- he threatened to take pictures of him making the sandwich to post on my blog LOL… I explained to him that there isn’t one wife, mother or woman that hasn’t cracked and made boxed mac and cheese and made peanut butter sandwiches and to stop whining, no one was going to listen….
He made his sandwich and was soon off to a meeting at the church, I considered laying back down on the couch, and thought better of it- called my lifelong best friend Jenny and commiserated with her about cooking, money and not getting enough sleep, before I knew it- I had washed the dishes, taken down and folded the 2 loads of laundry and felt 110% better about the evening!
                Then to make the evening even better- I got a compliment on my blog, even though I had shirked every responsibility I had promised on my blog, it still made me feel good to know someone- one of Brian’s cousins thought we were a perfect couple together- mishaps and all… validation is nice- no matter who you are.

Anyway- I am making Panko breaded Tilapia tonight- I have to – I have it defrosting in the fridge and I know I cannot let that sit or go to waste!!!! I originally got the recipe – believe it or not from a  Martha Stewart magazine..

Panko-Crusted Fish Sticks with Herb Dipping Sauce

  • 1 large egg, lightly beaten
  • coarse salt and ground pepper
  • 2 cups panko
  • 1 tablespoon Old Bay Seasoning (didn’t use- don’t have)
  • 2 tablespoons olive oil
  • 1 1/2 pounds tilapia fillets, cut into wide strips (see note, above)~ I use the individually wrapped frozen ones from Sam’s Club- they work just Finnnneeee
  • 1/2 cup light mayonnaise
  • 1/4 cup fresh parsley, chopped
  • 1 tablespoon Dijon mustard
  • 1 tablespoon fresh lemon juice, plus lemon wedges for serving
  • 2 teaspoons prepared white horseradish ( Didn’t use)
  1. Preheat oven to 475, with racks in top and bottom third. Line two baking sheets with aluminum foil; set aside.
  2. Place egg in a wide shallow bowl; season with salt and pepper. In another bowl, combine panko, Old Bay, and oil. Dip tilapia into egg, shaking off excess, then into panko mixture, pressing to adhere. Place on prepared baking sheets.
  3. Bake until lightly browned, 12 to 15 minutes, rotating sheets from top to bottom halfway through. Meanwhile, in a small bowl, stir together mayonnaise, parsley, mustard, lemon juice, and horseradish; season with salt and pepper. Serve fish sticks with sauce and lemon wedges on the side.
I used this recipe loosely- Martha’s recipes are good- just so stinkin involved… defrost the fish cover in bread crumbs and use extra seasonings you like- mix up some flavored mayo with mustard for dipping sauce and Bam- you have homemade fish sticks – seriously… no need for the “ place you oven racks here there and everywhere and garnish? Really? I am gonna garnish ?
I also made a different dipping sauce for me and Brian- I mixed 2 Tablespoons of Mayo, 1 Teaspoon of Cumin, 1 Teaspoon of Lime juice and a whole handful of Diced Cilantro- I almost ate the stuff by itself!!!

Here is a picture of our finished Dinner- I made Broccoli and these new McCain Simply Potatoes that I got a freebie coupon for - that Max and Connor loved!

I said I would try to post more on my money saving efforts...
* I use coupons... 
              Where do I get my coupons?
The Philly Sunday Paper 
The Pittsburgh Sunday Paper
Smart Source
Sometimes just by going to the product website there will be coupons
*I write to companies- if I love their product- I use the contact us button and let them know! If I feel like their product failed me some how- I let them know- more than likely - you will get a coupon!

* I regularly check the reduced meat area at my local grocery store- You know what- a pound of Jimmie Dean bacon for a buck that I am gonna put in the freezer tonight- 2 days before the sell by date is a beautiful thing.

* We buy a 1/4 of Beef we have done this for about 3 yrs now- we have meat all year, I know where it comes from, I never have to worry about a recall and we order it during Tax return time!

* We can foods- 2 yrs ago- it was mostly for Christmas gifts- now- this year we wisened up- and made just Jellies to give away- but made a boat load of Spaghetti sauce and Salsa and peaches from our Garden - minus the peaches they came from Jersey thanks to my cousins Maddy and Michelle.

* Reference above- grow a garden!!!

* Turn out the lights- use the incandescent ones!

* Unplug things that suck Vampire Power- the Microwave, the coffee pot, anything that has a blinking light when not in use is suckin power

* Join freecycle- you can declutter easier and get stuff via it - keeps stuff outta the land fill too!

*Use craigslist- with caution obviously- I used to use Ebay- but you know what, I have about enough energy to run to the post office every other night like I have enough energy to get a second job- craigslist is local and free too!

* Have one or 2 meatless meals a week.

* Use the crock-pot!!! The oven is the biggest electric hog you have in the house! 

Pics of my Coupon Holder:)

 These are envelopes that I cut the lip off of, added avery labels according to what is in the Envelope and it is organized by what makes sense to me -
 If the order doesn't make sense to you- you are not going to use it-I suggest placing them in isle order of your most frequented grocery store!
Then I used a pretty pretty Longaberger Basket- this is the Address Basket- to keep them all in- it fits in the from of the cart, right next to my purse- just because I am using coupons doesn't mean I can't have a stylish cute holder right?~ Brian is never to happy though when I forget it in the car and tell him to go get it for me, on the off chance he is in the store with me! he always says " The whole thing? Can't I just grab one envelope?"

I will think of more- what are some of your ways to save?


  1. Your blog gets better and better! I'm having that poop-out night tonight ... took a nap instead of exercising myself or the dog ... and made frozen pizza (undoubtedly purchased without coupons). However now I'm rallying to put on some fun tunes and declutter my basement and/or post some stuff on eBay or Craig's List!

  2. Dramamama- this makes my night! see- we all have those kinds of nights!!!! sometimes we have to just give in- and let them happen- then come back with a vengeance!!!!