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I am a lucky Woman, I have a Husband that loves me, a beautiful grown step-daughter, a 15 yr old son and a 8 yr old son. I try to create a home that is warm and will linger with memories of Mom's cooking and being home for my children. This isn't always possible, considering they rough house, I get tired and hit the Mcdonald's drive thru and sometimes buy clean socks for them instead of wash it.... I try to do a menu plan, hang our clothes out to dry, use coupons, go to Church every week.. and pretend I am a stay at home Mom while working 40 hours a week

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Stock,Roast,Barley and Contest

            Today we had a 2 hour delay- I really don't think that we needed it- I think that State High was jealous of Atlanta, Ga and their snow! My poor Brother in Law John~ had to shovel his driveway with a rake, he called it "Southern Engineering". Max offered to take the time off school to come shovel for him hahahahah.
              I said I made some stock the other night and instead of freezing it- I put in quart jars with plastic lids that you can purchase from Amazon/Ball for saving non-canned items in the fridge or freezer, knowing I was going to be using stock this week and next week, I thought I would give it a shot....
Don't they look so Homesteady and pretty?
I used the middle one obviously and the one on the right I haven't skimmed the fat off yet, which I will when I use it, doesn't hurt to cut a few calories of fat I suppose. Although, I also started keeping a pint jar of strained bacon grease drippings next to the stove to add some authentic home style cooking taste to my soups and the like...( I just make a lb of bacon, and grab a pint Mason jar when the bacon has been scarfed up, put a coffee filter just so it fits in the jar and tighten the metal ring around the jar, using the large batter bowl I have with a lid which I love. I pour the grease in- the filter catches and stray bits and I can save it for how ever long in the fridge- or for a good while next to the stove) so give some take some right?
                Tonight we will be having the Too Die For Crock Pot Roast.

.. I used a roast, a pack of Knorr Leek soup, Lipton Onion soup pack and Worcestershire sauce.. I literally dumped it all in the crockpot~ no mixing no nothing.. of course I used my Reynold slow cooker liner!
I turned this on Low at 7:30 am this morning- and it will stay on low until at least 5:30 tonight.
I found another recipe in my Taste of Home Dinner on a Dime cookbook that I am excited about a Mushroom Onion Roasted Barley dish.. here is the pick of the ingredients~
The recipe calls for Beef Bouillon and Canned whole mushrooms- but I am the queen of substitutions soooo I am using the frozen Mushrooms I have in the freezer and left over Chicken Stock cause you know homemade stock HAS to be better than bullion! Did'cha notice my adorable vintage glass salt jar? My mom gave it to me a few years ago from a vintage fridge she bought- it was still in the fridge.... I keep coarse sea salt in it- close to the stove.
Mushroon Onion Barley Bake
1/2 cup medium pearl barley
1 T oil
1 1/2 C water
1 t. Beef Bullion granules (I used stock in place of the Water above)
1/4 t salt
1/2 C sliced green onions
1 can whole button mushrooms (I used 1 C. Frozen mushrooms)
In an oven proof skillet, saute barley in oil until golden brown. Stir in water, bullion, salt; bring to boil. Remove from heat; add onions and mushrooms. Cover and bake at 350 for 40 to 50 minutes or until barley is tender. 2-4 servings-
I am rounding it our with cooked carrots- basically just get regular big carrots and slice them and boil them- sprinkle a little salt on them... lie to Connor that they are "Baby Carrots" since he is convinced this is the only veggie he likes! Speaking of Connor- I entered him into Chobani's contest to win a case of Chobani Champion Kid's Yogurt... he loves yogurt and I figure if I got a case of it for him- he'd be getting one heck of a good amount of good ole' Greek yogurt nutrition! If you haven't tried it yet- the Pomegranate flavor is incredible!!!! If you just click on the link ( the word Chobani above and the underlined words) and click on the heart <3 in the upper right hand corner- it is a vote for him!

Also - I have been reading the Hunger Games Trilogy- I have gotten thru half the second book- I am soooo addicted to this series- the first book- I litterally read in two days- it was so fast paced, I was flipping pages to the point of wishing I wasn't -it was better than Twilight- and I LOVE Twilight! I suggest this book to anyone looking for a quick intense fast paced read. Totally transports you into another world! Also Amazon is really the cheapest place to get the book- even if you have a Kindle- you can click the link and purchase the Kindle version. Don't have a Kindle? Well Max got one for Christmas - IT ROCKS... Brian bought me the first book- Hunger Games when I finished it at midnight over Christmas Break- I snuck into Max's room to order the second book in the series on his Kindle LOL! and Boom -15 seconds later- I had the second book Catching Fire, in my hands!
BTW- searching or using the Amazon Links on my Blog totally helps me!

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